About Digital Demand Center™

Digital Demand Center™ was spun out of its parent company, Gabriel Sales, as a turnkey lead gen, lead nurturing and demand generation solution specifically engineered for small and mid-sized sales organizations. Our technology stack and managed services allows companies to affordably produce a steady flow of well educated sales ready leads excited to talk to your sales team.  Scroll down to learn more about why we launched this solution, what type of company/sales process is the right fit, and to get some basic answers to some frequently asked questions.

Why Gabriel Sales Created Digital Demand Center™

During the pandemic Gabriel Sales’ marketing automation and Salesforce optimization services experienced exponential growth as enterprise companies, flush with cash, rushed to implement digital first go-to-market strategies to replace their sales development reps with digital awareness campaigns and an automated pre-sales education process.

We realized that smaller B2B sales and marketing organizations, with tighter resources, were out gunned and under resourced compared to larger sales organizations.  So, we took all our best practices, proven strategies, tested tactics and selected the right tech stack to make easy for under resourced sales and marketing teams to compete more effectively for the modern digital first buyer.

Glen Springer – Architect of Digital Demand Center™ and Co-Founder Gabriel Sales

Glen spun Digital Demand Center™ out of its parent company Gabriel Sales because he loves working directly with business owners and smaller sales teams to help them build repeatable high growth sales and marketing processes.

Glen, and the Senior Management Team from Gabriel Sales, engineered DDC™ to give smaller sales and marketing organizations easy access to all the tools, team and technology they need to effectively compete against companies with more mature marketing processes and deeper pockets.  Glen loves helping executives serious about growth take a straight forward proven approach to content marketing and technology that makes it easier for buyers to buy.

Glen believes that marketing success should be primarily measured by the number of “sales ready” leads in your CRM that convert into opportunities and deals.

Once implemented your Digital Demand Center™ is supported by a proven team of sales, marketing and automation tech experts that are passionate about your sales teams success. The team consists of Gabriel Sales’ founders and your designated account manager supported by a blended team of digital marketing experts, automation specialists, content producers and analysts that know how to generate demand and drive sales.

The Right Fit for Digital Demand Center™

Digital Demand Center™ was engineered for B2B companies that need to generate more “sales ready” leads.  DDC™ is a turnkey solution built with digital marketing best practices and proven technologies so business owners can stop experimenting and focus on converting well educated buyers.

Glen Springer, DDC™ Co-Founder, explains the difference between lead gen vs. demand gen, the results you can expect and what type of sale is ideal for our solution


The Perfect Solution for B2B Companies That…

  • Have specific markets they need to target
  • Need more qualified “Sales Ready” leads
  • Need to maximize their content budgets
  • Want to fully leverage video
  • Have a multi step sales process
  • Are already using sales developments reps to build trust
  • Need to prove thought leadership or demo their product in action to close business
  • Lack experts with proven lead nurturing, lead scoring and automation tech expertise
  • Want to reduce their Cost of Sales

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost?

The first year, including all start up fees, is about the cost of one full time Sales Rep. The second year that cost decreases by about 40% to 50%.

What kind of ROI Can I expect?

We forecast results as part of our proposal process.  You can also learn more about what you can expect by watching this short four minute video  Lead Nurturing and Sales Funnel Results or our full 20:00 Minute On Demand Webcast The Investment Required for B2B Demand Generation Success and the ROI You Can Expect.

Who owns the technology systems?

Once implemented the technology stack is owned by the client. One of the advantages of Digital Demand Center™ is that we offer the marketing automation license through a discounted subscription that can be transitioned after implementation is complete. This means we build the technology stack as an asset that our clients own and control.  We manage these systems and campaigns as long as you retain us for managed services. We take a “we build and you own” approach.  This business model is a difference between DDC™ and many other “lead generation” and “digital marketing” agencies – it’s an important question to ask.  

How long is my commitment?

The initial commitment is 6 months. Afterwards, we move to a month-to-month agreement.

Who own the leads and databases?

DDC™ takes a “we build and you own” approach. Our clients own the databases, leads and reporting. All of this critical data is available in the technology systems you will own and ultimately control. This business model is a difference between DDC™ and many other “lead generation” and “digital marketing” agencies – it’s an important question to ask.  

What if already have content?

Fantastic! This will lower your start up investment, and you will have a have a significant head start. We can also run a content production workshop to cover any gaps.

What if I don’t have content?

We have a team ready to help you tell powerful stories with professional video and content production.

What if I am already running lead gen campaigns?

Great! If this is working for you maximize your spend here first. We can add nurturing and sales automation campaigns for increased growth.

What if I already have a marketer and/or marketing team?

Your team can keep managing your lead gen campaigns. However, our demand gen and pre-sales solutions are tested, proven and highly prescriptive so we will need autonomy for this part of the campaign.

What if already have tech?

Over the last 10 years we have worked with about every major CRM, Social Channel and Automation Technology. Our experienced team can work with almost any software you may currently have in place and integrate our tech where you may have gaps.

What if I don’t have a sales rep?

We can offer additional pre-sales calling services to support our campaigns through our parent company Gabriel Sales.

What tactics do you use?

Our solution uses both inbound and outbound earned and paid marketing tactics. We do this in multiple channels, including email, social, online advertising and re-marketing.