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We drive growth for B2B companies that have long sale cycles.  Transform your marketing and sales operations with a proven solution to fill your sales funnel with a sustained flow of sales-ready buyers, excited to talk to your sales team.

Stop Wasting Time Struggling with Tech

Work with Modern Sales & Marketing Ops Experts

Grow Sales with Proven Processes & Strategies

Build a Demand Gen & Lead Nurturing Engine That Works for the B2B Buyer

DDC’s Founder explains what modern B2B buyers want, why they want it and what is required to produce a predictable flow of “Sales Ready” leads

Do you struggle with:

  • Leads that don’t convert
  • Reps complaining about lead quality
  • Getting ghosted by leads
  • Targeting the right buyers
  • Lead nurturing
  • Pre-sales automation
  • Your automation tech stack
  • No visibility into what works
  • Poor Lead Scoring

Grow Revenue in Any Economy

Fill Your Sales Funnel With “Sales Ready” Leads Excited to Talk To Your Closers

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Scale Strategically

Craft an integrated go-to-market and campaign strategy to make it easier for buyers to buy

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Consistent Execution

Run disciplined campaigns to drive awareness, nurture leads and automate pre-sales education

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Sustained Growth

Leverage technologies to score leads to prioritize buyers that are ready and excited to talk to sales

Stop Experimenting and Start Driving Real Results

We get it – You want more “Sales Ready” leads

Growing a funnel of “Sales Ready” leads now requires a frictionless buyer driven approach that combines, awareness campaigns, lead nurturing, pre-sales automation and lead scoring. With DDC™, a dedicated B2B lead nurturing agency, you get proven strategies, campaigns and tech managed by experts for a sustained flow of well-educated “sales-ready” buyers.

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Prioritize “Sales Ready” Leads Directly in Your CRM

Lead Gen is Only the First Step

If You’re Not Lead Scoring You’re Wasting Your Sale Teams’ Time

Unfortunately, in 2023, only 18% of inbound leads are ready to buy. Lead scoring is critical to:

  • Tracks engagement
  • Prioritizes leads
  • Increases sales production
  • Drives more opportunities

Watch A Short Video Demo of How DDC™ and Lead Scoring Works

How it Works

Schedule a Call

Set up a quick 15-minute call with founder of DDC™ a dedicated lead nurturing agency. This one could change the trajectory of your sales funnel and your business.

Get your plan

We will conduct a technology, content and process gap audit. Then provide a plan with clear budgets, timelines and projected results.

Implement Your Engine

DDC can be implemented and active in as little as 30 days and optimized within 6 months.

Generate Scored "Sales Ready" Leads

DDC produces a sustained flow of well-educated sales ready leads prioritized and ranked  directly in your CRM.

Grow your business

DDC™ provides your sales team with a steady flow of sales ready leads, scored and prioritized directly in your CRM so your team can focus on growing your business.

Are Demand Generation and Lead Nurturing the Right Fit for Your Business and Sales Process?

Watch the video below for a quick explanation of the difference between lead generation campaigns vs. a lead nurturing and demand generation engine including the impact on your late stage sales funnel.

DDC™ Deploys Both Marketing and Sales Tech Expertise

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Don’t Stop at Appointment Setting and Lead Generation

Get the right tech at the right price to impact every stage of the sales funnel to increase production and lower your cost of sales. All the systems you need for lead nurturing and demand generation.

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Buyers now expect automated digital-first pre-sales education deep into their buyer’s journey.


of the B2B Sales Process Will Be Automated by 2025

“Gartner’s 2023 Future of Sales Study” shows that by 2025 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will be automated and occur in digital channels.

Learn Why…

“The B2B Digital First Transformation & Pre-Sales Automation”

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